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MediaBalance, Inc. was founded in 2003 by Dr. Alejandro Terrazas. The company’s mission is to bring high technology and behavioral psychology to bear on the nation’s most critical health problems. Dr. Terrazas has unique experience appropriate to this task. He has a Ph.D. in Psychology and extensive experience in object oriented programming, embedded systems, and database design. Dr. Terrazas completed a two-year fellowship at the National Institutes of Mental Health where he conducted human brain imaging experiments using virtual reality. He is the former Associate Director of the Machine Interface Network Design (MIND) Laboratory at Michigan State University where he oversaw R & D efforts in Internet controllable robotics, virtual reality, neuroinformatics, and human computer interaction. Dr. Terrazas is an authority on the Java computer programming language. In 2000, he was appointed to an elite industry and academic consortium that produced the Java Advanced Imaging Specification 1.1 (JSR 34). He is the author of the book Java Media API's: Cross-platform Imaging, Media, and Visualization (SAMS/Pearson Press, ISBN: 0-672-32094-0).
MediaBalance has developed an active research program based on using high technology for behavior treatments. Dr. Terrazas is currently the P.I. on three NIH-funded Phase I SBIR grants using his behavioral technology: (a) NIDDK 1 R43 DK070482-01 to modify physical activity behaviors in sedentary and obese youth (b) NIDDK 1 R43 DK075268-01 to modify weight loss and maintenance behaviors in adults, and (c) NIMH 1 R43 MH076359-01 to implement evidence-based behavioral therapies in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.


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